Best Online UFC & MMA Betting Sites 2023

Few things can match the enthusiasm that UFC/MMA events produce among fans, unless, of course, you bet on the bouts and your selection wins. However, there are several methods to wager on bouts, making it easy to make a mistake.



This is where we enter the picture. Follow our advice, and you’ll be betting like a pro on UFC/MMA events at the finest MMA betting sites in no time.

How to register


Before examining the combatants and odds listed on UFC betting websites, each bettor must register with their preferred bookmaker. The procedure will differ from book to book, but they are fundamentally identical:


No matter which MMA betting site you use, the odds on your bets will be competitive. Instead of comparing them, you should examine the sign-up/welcome bonuses offered by each MMA betting site. Choose the site with the bonus you can benefit from the most. These might be compared to our list of the ten top UFC betting sites shown previously.


Create an account on the finest website for UFC wagering available. This is often a straightforward process requiring little more than a few personal details and the entry of a bonus code (make sure you review the terms and conditions).


Deposit funds into your account.


Choose the market you wish to wager on and place your wager.

How to interpret UFC odds

If you are unfamiliar with MMA betting odds provided on UFC gambling sites, it might be difficult to choose what to wager on and how to do so. The odds and how to interpret them are best illustrated by an example.


Suppose you choose to place a wager on the main event of a UFC: Fight Night. Marina Rodriguez and Michelle Waterson are competing. If you simply want to select the winner, you should wager on the moneyline.



This is the most prevalent and popular form of internet wagering on UFC matches. You are just selecting a winner. The odds for MMA wagering provided on UFC betting sites will be given as such.


– Marina Rodriguez -215 Michelle Waterson +175


It is irrelevant how they win, only that they do.


UFC betting tips

You’ve watched a few UFC matches and are aware of the distinction between an arm bar and a rear-naked choke. Now that you have a basic understanding of the sport, you feel ready to throw your hat in the ring and place some wagers at your preferred UFC betting site.


We are here to assist you in performing better than the typical newbie when betting on UFC bouts at the top MMA betting sites.

What is mixed martial arts?


MMA is an abbreviation for mixed martial arts. It is a full-contact combat sport in which participants employ a variety of unarmed fighting techniques to overcome their opponents. The method/technique utilized by a combatant is up to the combatant.


A fighter’s weight classifies him or her to fight only inside his or her weight class.


There are other promoters who arrange MMA events, but the UFC, or Ultimate Fighting Championship, is the most popular and profitable. It originated in 1993 as a one-time event pitting combatants with distinct abilities/styles against one another.


MMA has become one of the most popular sports in the world as a result of this event’s popularity, which led to subsequent UFC events being conducted and the sport being one of the most popular in the world. It is reasonable to argue that the UFC’s success is directly tied to the popularity of mixed martial arts in society.


A concise history of UFC

The UFC began as a single-elimination competition involving eight combatants of various fighting styles. Although the pay-per-view was meant to be a one-time event, its success led to more events being organized.


The bouts were first advertised as having no rules. No weight divisions existed, but it was believed that technique could compensate for a size/strength disadvantage. In time, though, regulations were adopted and weight divisions were established to help level the playing field.


The savagery caused numerous jurisdictions to outlaw MMA tournaments. Thus, the UFC was compelled to collaborate with state sports commissions to revise the regulations. Rather of relying on physical superiority, it became increasingly vital to employ technique and expertise.


However, the firm did not begin to grow until Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, together with their business partner Dana White, acquired it.


Despite the fact that the UFC performed better under their leadership, it was still hurting financially. Due to the fact that bouts were on pay-per-view, many people just knew nothing about it.


The reversal began with the development of The Ultimate Fighter, a popular reality television series. The access increased spectators’ interest in pay-per-view events and their investment in fights.


Betting on UFC vs other mixed martial arts organizations

While the UFC may be the world’s leading MMA promotion, it is not the only one. Many of these organizations work on a regional or local scale. Bellator, Fight Nights Global, ONE Championship, Rizin Fighting Federation, and Invicta are among the most prominent.


However, because the top fighters flock toward the UFC, the level of competition in other promotions is frequently subpar. That does not imply that chances are unavailable for other promotions. It does imply, though, that wagering on local/regional MMA fights may be limited to smaller bookmakers. Major bookmakers will provide odds on well-known companies (like as Bellator), but probably with fewer markets than UFC matches.


Weight divisions in UFC explained

In the early days of the UFC, it was not uncommon for combatants of drastically different weights to face battle. When competition regulations were revised, however, competitors were separated into weight-based divisions.


The objective was to equal the playing field on a physical level. There will be one male and one female champion for each class.

Overview of MMA combat styles


The goal of the UFC was to allow fighters of one type to compete against those of a different style. Can a boxer prevail against a wrestler? Will a Muay Thai competitor triumph over a judo competitor?


Before wagering on UFC fights, it may be worthwhile to research various fighting styles. The following are some of the most popular fighting styles in UFC, however they are not the only possibilities.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Due to Royce Gracie’s success in the early days of the UFC, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu emphasizes a variety of submission techniques. It is a ground-based style ideal for combatants with extraordinary grappling ability, but its practitioners are typically poor in striking.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Wrestling Wrestlers are often adept at regulating their weight when necessary. They are frequently adept in body control, whether they are trying to take an opponent to the ground or protect themselves from falling. Nonetheless, they are frequently inexperienced with striking and struggle against ground-based techniques such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


Wrestling Thai Boxing/Muay Thai

Muay Thai is one of the stand-up disciplines, and Muay Thai fighters are frequently highly proficient at hitting with all limbs, especially the knees and elbows. Based on kicking and punching, this style is useful for long-, middle-, and close-range hitting. Despite the fact that many practitioners grow proficient at striking, their ground game may suffer and they may take more punishment than they should.


Thai Boxing/Kickboxing


Boxing is a stand-up discipline in which hitting is the dominant tactic for many combatants. Boxing accounts for the majority of knockdowns and knockouts in mixed martial arts contests. Good boxers typically have greater knockout power than other fighters their stature and are adept at managing distance (maintaining or closing).


Boxing \sJudo

Many judo competitors are also well-versed in wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, as judo is considered a grappling art. Frequently, they are also adept ground and standing grapplers. Typically, judo masters are adept at leveraging their body weight to manipulate their opponents. After training in a Gi, many practitioners fail to translate their techniques to MMA combat.


Judo \sKarate

MMA athletes have adopted several karate systems over the years. The majority of fighters are adept at working with distance, are proficient strikers, and are adept at defense and counterattacking body motions.


Karate \sSambo

Sambo is a Russian martial art system that combines judo and freestyle wrestling. In addition to judo-style submission techniques, throws, takedowns, and grappling are frequently emphasized in combat sports. In the ‘fight’ version, punches, kicks, elbows, and knees are added.


Sambo \sSanda

It is a blend of kung-fu and contemporary combat fighting tactics developed by the Chinese military. It is also known as Chinese boxing. It blends kickboxing with close-quarter punches, different kicking types, and wrestling techniques.


Sanda \sTaekwondo

Taekwondo is one of the stand-up disciplines, and Taekwondo combatants employ a variety of punching and kicking methods (e.g., head-height, leaping, spinning, etc.) during combat. Users are excellent at hitting and defending with their hands and feet.


Taekwondo Capoeira

Similar to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, this swift, adaptable form incorporates dance and acrobatics, resulting in complicated maneuvers. Movements are frequently fluid and flowing as opposed to being performed from a set posture.



Name of the best UFC fighters in the world

Key accomplishments

Jon Jones Competes in the light heavyweight division; career record of 26-1-1 with 10 wins by knockout (as of UFC 247); former light heavyweight champion; holds records for successful title defenses, longest reign as champion, longest unbeaten streak, and youngest fighter to win a championship belt; also known as Jon “Bones” Jones Kamarudeen “Kamaru” Usman Competes in the welterweight division; career record of 19-1 with nine wins by knockout ( First Nigerian-born UFC champion; Division II national champion wrestler in 2010 (174 lbs); nicknamed “The Nigerian Nightmare”

Alexander Volkanovski

Competes in the featherweight division; career record of 22-1 with 11 wins by knockout (as of UFC 251); former champion for several mixed martial arts promotions (Australian Fighting Championship, Cage Conquest, Pacific Xtreme Combat, Roshambo MMA, Wollongong Wars); 2019 Breakout Fighter of the Year; nicknamed “The Great” Volkanovski.

Israel Adesanya competes in the middleweight division; career record of 20-1 with 15 wins by knockout (as of UFC 259); 75-5 as a professional kickboxer; former champion for multiple MMA promotions (Australian Fighting Championship, Glory, Hex Fighting Series); boxing record of 5-1; nicknamed “The Last Stylebender.”

Francis Ngannou competes in the heavyweight division; career record of 16-3 with 12 wins by knockout (as of UFC 260); first Cameroonian-born UFC champion; 2017 KO of Allistair Overreem widely hailed as Knockout of the Year; set Guinness world record for hardest punch on March 28, 2021; nicknamed “The Predator.”

Dustin Poirier competes in the lightweight division; his MMA career record is 27-6-1 with 13 victories by knockout (as of UFC 257); he won Fight of the Year in 2018 (against Justin Gaethje) and in 2012 (against Jung Chan-Sung); he is also known as “The Diamond.”

Stipe Miocic competes in the heavyweight division; career record of 20-4 with 15 victories by knockout (as of UFC 260); largely recognized as the greatest heavyweight fighter in UFC history; past champion for Fight Matrix and North American Allied Fight Series; won 2019 Comeback Fighter of the Year (vs Daniel Cormier).

Amanda Nunes Competes in the women’s featherweight and bantamweight divisions; career record of 21-4 with 13 wins by knockout (as of UFC 259); first woman to hold championship in two divisions (third UFC fighter to do so); first UFC fighter to defend both titles; Female Fighter of the Year in 2018 and 2019; Upset of the Year winner in 2018 (against Cris Cyborg); nicknamed “The Lioness.”

Rose Namajunas competes in the women’s strawweight division; career record of 10-4 with two wins by knockout (as of UFC 261); competed in season 20 of The Ultimate Fighter (lost in the finale); 2017 MMA Fighter of the Year, UFC Fighter of the Year, and Female Fighter of the Year; 2017 MMA Fighter of the Year, UFC Fighter of the Year, and Female Fighter of the Year.

Valentina Shevchenko competes in the women’s flyweight division; career record of 21-3 with seven victories by knockout (as of UFC 261); Female Fighter of the Year in 2020; nicknamed the “Bullet”; career kickboxing record of 57-2; and professional boxing record of 2-0.

UFC vocabulary

The following words are commonly heard during UFC and MMA events. Many terminology are self-explanatory, but you will encounter many others that are not.


Arm Bar A submission technique in which the attacker holds an opponent’s arm with their legs and then bends the arm backwards by pushing on the wrist and applying pressure with the hips.


Clinch Method of controlling your opponent’s body in order to slow them down or prevent them from attacking; typically connected with Muay Thai and wrestling.



A defense employed when a fighter’s back is on the ground; the defender wraps their legs around their opponent’s waist to restrict their movement.



A submission move in which the attacker encircles their opponent’s neck with their arms (while facing each other). The attacker will then wrap their legs around their opponent, squat, and apply pressure to finish the maneuver.



A hold in which the attacker applies pressure at the elbow or shoulder to force the opponent’s arm into a position it should not be in.


Knee Bar

A submission technique in which an opponent’s leg is hyperextended at the knee.


Leg Lock

A submission technique in which the attacker exerts pressure on the knees, ankles, or toes by isolating the leg or foot.


Back Unclothed Choke

A submission technique in which the attacker suffocates the opponent from behind.



The defender will press the attacker’s head down, fling their own legs back, and then drive the attacker’s pelvis towards the ground.


Tap Out

The manner in which a fighter notifies the referee and their opponent that they are yielding to a submission hold with the understanding that they will lose the fight; often involves tapping on the mat, themself, or their opponent.



A submission technique in which an attacker suffocates an opponent with their legs.


UFC betting promotions

There is nothing better than receiving a bonus from the online sportsbook you are using simply for placing a wager. Keep in mind that terms and conditions will always apply, however the following are some of the most prevalent ones:


Bonus with No Deposit Required

You wish you had a little more money so that you could bet on another bout. Some sportsbooks may credit your account with a free wager (usually of modest value) only for registering.


Registration/Welcome Bonus

But what if you wished you had a lot more money so you could bet on this week’s Fight Night and the next UFC event as well? Numerous books will double your first money (up to a certain maximum amount), offering you just that.


Parlay Insurance

There is nothing more disheartening than losing a five-fight parlay because of a single mistake. With parlay insurance, you will not receive all of your money back, but you will receive a free wager of a certain amount.


Parlay Odds Improve

Bettors enjoy creating parlays to increase their chances of winning. With a parlay odds boost, a sportsbook will increase the odds of a specific parlay, so increasing your chances of winning (if the parlay pays off).


Risk-Free Bets

Are you confident in your wager but not certain that your boxer will win? Then create a new account with a sportsbook that offers risk-free wagers to new clients. Thus, if your fighter loses, you will earn a free gamble of equal amount to your original stake. There is still an element of danger because you must utilize the credit and place another wager before you can cash out, but at least you get a second opportunity.


The largest payouts in UFC betting history

Anyone who visited his or her preferred UFC betting site and gambled on the underdog in these matchups was undoubtedly rewarded:


November 2015: Holly Holm (+830) vs Ronda Rousey (-1400).

No one believed Holm could defeat Rousey (who had beaten her last three opponents in 64 seconds combined). However, Holm controlled the battle and knocked out Rousey in the first round.


November 2015: Holly Holm (+830) vs Ronda Rousey (-1400).

Matt Serra (+850) against Georges St-Pierre (-1300), April 2007

It was a marvel that Serra, with his 5-4 record, even secured a championship bout. St-Pierre has a winning run of six bouts and a record of 13-1. However, Serra executed a first-round knockout.


Matt Serra (+850) against Georges St-Pierre (-1300), April 2007

Shana Dobson (+950) against Mariya Agapova (-1400), August 2020

At that point in her career, Dobson had lost more fights than she had won (3-4) and was on a three-fight losing skid. It was astonishing that she still had a job, let alone a championship match. Five of Agapova’s victories were in the first round. Dobson got a knockout in round two. +195 were the odds on Dobson winning via TKO.


Shana Dobson (+950) against Mariya Agapova (-1400), August 2020

Frankie Saenz (+700) against Iuri Alcantara (-1000), January 2015

Saenz had an MMA record of 8-2 and a UFC record of 1-0 before meeting Alcantara (who was 32-5 and 6-2 in the UFC). After defeating Alcantara, Saenz would only win three of his last eight bouts.


Frankie Saenz (+700) against Iuri Alcantara (-1000), February 2015

TJ Dillashaw (+650) versus Renan Barao (-1000), May 2014

Barao had a record of 32-1 and had not been defeated in nine years. Dillashaw was just 9-2 overall and 5-2 in the UFC; there was no reason to believe he would defeat Barao in the fifth round, but he did. +2000 were the odds on Dillashaw winning by TKO.


TJ Dillashaw (+650) versus Renan Barao (-1000), May 2014

August 2019: Khama Worthy (+640) vs Devonte Smith (-1000).

Before his debut UFC bout, Worthy had a record of 14-6 on the regional circuit (vs Smith). Worthy knocked out Smith in the first round, after Smith had won the first round of his previous three fights. The odds of Worthy prevailing through TKO were +1100.


August 2019: Khama Worthy (+640) vs Devonte Smith (-1000).

February 2010: Joey Beltran (+750) vs. Rolles Gracie (-730).

Rolles, a member of the infamous Gracie family, had won his previous three bouts prior to his UFC debut. Beltran’s 10-3 record suggested he was a good fighter, but Gracie should be able to defeat him. Beltran won by TKO in the second round and then went 6-12 in his following 18 bouts.


February 2010: Joey Beltran (+750) vs. Rolles Gracie (-730).

May 2014: Johnny Eduardo (+600) vs Eddie Wineland (-900).

Eduardo had not competed in two years, and his UFC record was 1-1. Wineland, a veteran boxer with a 21-9-1 record, was eliminated in the first round by Eduardo. There were +1500 odds on Eduardo winning via knockout.


May 2014: Johnny Eduardo (+600) vs Eddie Wineland (-900).

Frankie Edgar (+588) against BJ Penn (-900), April 2010

Both were regarded as formidable combatants at the time. The bout went the distance but concluded in a questionable manner. Although several media members gave the game to Penn, Edgar won by UD. Penn would only win one more bout for the remainder of his career.


Frankie Edgar (+588) against BJ Penn (-900), April 2010

Mike Wilkinson (+555) against Niklas Backstrom (-900), October 2014

In terms of odds, this was one of the greatest upsets in UFC history. But neither have extensive UFC experience and both had respectable career records. The odds might have and perhaps should have been far closer.


Mike Wilkinson (+555) against Niklas Backstrom (-900), October 2014

UFC betting apps & mobile betting

It is much more entertaining to wager on UFC fights while viewing them with your friends at your favorite pub or someone’s house. Does this imply that you must bring your laptop to your friend’s house or hope that the bar provides public Wi-Fi? Of course not!


Virtually all sportsbooks offer mobile-friendly websites that may be viewed on a smartphone or tablet. However, most will also have an app available for download. Typically, sportsbooks develop their mobile apps to streamline and simplify the betting process.


Therefore, you may wager on the upcoming UFC fight from virtually anywhere, whether via the app or online browser!

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