Vampire Feast Online Slots

Count SkillOnNet’s fantastic gothic online slots game, Vampire Feast, features Dracula, the most famous of all the undead, rising from the grave to prey upon his victims once more. The game is a carnage of action, suspense, and spine-chilling thrills, and it has more than a few terrifying surprises in store for gamers from Canada who are brave enough to take part in it.

Even if the game did not include even a single extra feature, the captivating graphics and animations would make it more than worthwhile to play even if there were none of the additional features to be found anywhere on the reels. The meticulous attention to detail and skilled animations are guaranteed to captivate your attention, and a terrific score and sound effects bring the whole thing to a satisfying conclusion. Even the controls have the appearance of gravestones.


Horror Films in Reel Form

When you start playing the 5-reel Vampire Feast slots, the first thing you need to do is make sure that the preset bet settings are appropriate for your spending limits. In the event that you would like to modify them, you have the option of selecting anywhere from one to twenty paylines, and the value of each coin can range anywhere from 0.01 to 20.00.


After you have given the reels a spin, the symbols on them fall into position with the abruptness of the lid being lowered on an old, musty casket. They contain pictures that are going to be familiar to aficionados of gothic horror and classic vampires that prefer sucking blood and can be killed by exposure to sunlight, rather than twinkling like mirror-balls do. The symbols consist of a high-paying Count exposing his fangs, Dracula with a woman, his haunted castle, the vampire wearing a cloak, a bulb of garlic, his female victim, a goblet, and a book covered in leather. There is also a wolf, a bat, stone graves, and a symbol for Blood Mode scattered among the photographs.


Symbol Sauvage

What would any topic having to do with the undead be without the ever-present bat? The bat is a Wild symbol in these online slot games, as it is in most of them, don’t you think? It has the ability to replace any other symbol, with the exception of those that are tied to the bonus features.


However, there is no need to become frightened when it does occur because such substitutions could lead to a significant increase in the number of wins on the reels.


Free Spins and Additional Chances to Win

You’ll have lots of chances to take advantage of the Free Spins and Re-Spins that are available to you in Vampire Feast. When you land three or more wolves, you’ll be awarded five, ten, or twenty free spins.


If there are two or more Dracula symbols on the reels of the slot machine, those symbols will remain in place while the other images undergo one more rotation. This indicates that there is a possibility that a third Count will land, and that he will bring a payoff with him.


Mode sanguinaire

When there are three or more symbols representing Blood Mode present, the function with the same name will become active. This mode will remain active until additional instances of those images manifest themselves.


Whenever the 2 symbols featuring the woman appear together during it, you have the opportunity to win double the normal payoff.


Grave-Digging Bonus Game

You have no choice but to acknowledge that, up to this point, Vampire Feast possesses a number of incredible special qualities; yet, the ones that we have discussed up until this point are not all of them. You also have the opportunity to wake a few people from their eternal slumbers when you play slots online, in the vain goal of obtaining further prizes.


The bonus game of Grave-Digging is related to the stone grave emblems, which you are required to acquire in order to play. A peculiar light will shine from within one of the headstone controllers each time one of these creatures materializes. The game will begin after you have successfully collected six of the symbols, at which point you will be taken to a new screen to continue.


Enjoy Fearsome Fun

The Vampire Feast slot game on SkillOnNet provides you the opportunity to become a character in the classic narrative written by Bram Stoker. You have the opportunity to battle vampires, save damsels in distress, unearth tombs, come face to face with children of the night, and win a significant amount of real money all while playing this game. Play Million is highly recommended by us as a fantastic online casino in Canada that you can rely on to provide you with games that are licensed and controlled, safe and secure services, and generous bonus offers.

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